Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Celcom 2 Years Extended Expiry Date

Here is how to get 1 year or 2 years expiry extended for Celcom Prepaid:

  1. Go to *118#
  2. Choose My Account (number 8)
  3. Choose Other Service (number 5)
  4. Choose Credit Expiry (number 3)
Then choose subscribe 1 year or 2 year according to your needs. Thats all. As I know RM30 will be deducted from your prepaid credit for 1 year and RM50 will be deducted for 2 year expiry date.

Here is the way for you to get 2 years of extended expiry date for your Celcom Prepaid:

  1. Change your plan to Celcom Blue
    • Type MIG BlUE and send to 28882
  2. Go to *119#
  3. Choose No 1
    (Prabayar Celcom Blue)
  4. Then Choose No 2
    (Servis Tambahan)
  5. After that, choose No 4
    (Tempoh Kredit)

You can choose for 1 year or 2 year of expiry date. For the 2 years, the fee will be RM50( deducted from your Celcom Prepaid Account)

After you got the 2 years expiry date, you are require to maintain a minimum topup of RM30 for every 6 month to maintain the extended expiry.

Thats all. -smile-


As I know, you can get one year or two year expiry date for your Xpax too. Here is how to do it:

  1. Press *118# and call
  2. Choose 9(My Prepaid)
  3. Choose 5(Credit Expiry)
Then you can choose the expiry date for one year or two year. As I know some money will be deducted from your prepaid.
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